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Fermented condiments and sauces

Fermented condiments and sauces

Experiment with coneiments. Sunset Cultures products Weight gain journey always changing and adapting based on available products. The Hot Pepper Founder Admin. Habanasco - Fermented Habanero Sauce. Great answer! Fermented condiments and sauces

Fermented condiments and sauces -

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. fermenting fermented vs non fermented sauce. Thread starter SavinaRed Start date Nov 27, Is there a noticeable taste difference between the two with the same ingredients?

I have never fermented peppers to make a sauce. Sort by date Sort by votes. salsalady Business Member. Fermented sauces have a certain that is different from non-fermented sauces.

One of the most common is Sriracha. THe rooster sauce with the green cap has one of the most recognizable fermented flavors. Some like it, some don't. There's been much discussion of this topic in Fermenting Peppers Here's some more info from Weights and Measures What's the difference between fermenting a sauce and just cooking a sauce?

In order to be considered safe to be stored for an extended period of time, sauces need to have a low pH. pH numbers indicate the levels of acidity or alkalinity in foods or other things like hydroponics, fish tanks, etc.

Neutral pH is 7. Things with a pH of above 7. Sauces should be below 4. Fermentation uses good bacteria to eat up the natural sugars in chiles and other produce to the point where the pH is below 4.

Kimchee and sauerkraut also use fermentation for food preservation. Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. As it tends to be quite salty, most recipes suggest soaking the beans before using them. When using douchi, you should also add fresh ginger and garlic to the mix.

The flavours of the aromatic garlic and the tangy jolt of fresh ginger are a perfect accompaniment to the complex notes of the black bean. Instantly brighten up everyday stir-fries, marinades, steamed or roasted vegetables by adding some mashed up douchi with garlic and ginger into your dish.

Douchi makes a frequent appearance in Chinese seafood dishes as well. Wok-fried clams in black bean sauce, steamed oysters with garlic and black bean sauce are two popular ones. The distinctive salty taste of the beans, the aromatic garlic and the saline tang of the shellfish will have you hooked.

If you have ever dined at a Japanese restaurant, more than likely you have had miso. They put it in a hot room to speed up fermentation and add yeast. Making miso involves four basic steps. Step One: Steam rice and barley or other grains. Step Two: Add spores of the Aspergillus Oryzae mold; grow the culture for two days and tada … Koji which is also used when making sake.

Step Three: Mix the Koji with salt and mash together with cooked soybeans. Step Four: Place in wooden vats and leave to ferment and age for three weeks to three years depending on the type of miso. The longer miso is aged, the darker the colour and the more robust the flavour.

Miso that is lighter in colour has a greater proportion of Koji, making it sweeter tasting. Darker miso has a higher soybean ratio giving it more of a robust and stronger flavour. When using miso, think outside the box.

Or, in this case, outside of the bowl! Not only used for miso soup, it can be added to many recipes they even have miso flavoured Kit Kat in Japan.

Cardinal recommends using lighter miso in salad dressings, dips and a marinade for fish. For darker and aged miso, add it to heartier dishes such as soups and stews for that extra oomph of flavour.

Despite its high sodium content, those with hypertension should limit their intake or adjust the amount of salt accordingly in the recipe miso is chock-full of health benefits.

It removes radioactivity, heavy metals and toxins in the body. It was heavily exported during the Chernobyl disaster. With a long list of health benefits, miso is truly a nutritional powerhouse.

Have you ever eaten something that tastes better than it smells? Well, add fish sauce to the list. Although it originated in ancient Greece and Rome, this pungent condiment is the backbone in Southeast Asian cooking.

Fish sauce is made from two ingredients: salt and freshly caught small fish such as anchovies. The fish are packed between two layers of salt inside an earthenware vessel and left to ferment in a sunny location for several months.

During this process the anchovies break down in their own juices. Word of advice: Be extremely careful when transporting fish sauce home. If the bottle leaks, you, your clothes, your kitchen, your entire house be rendered intolerable. Adding a few drops of this potent concoction to any dish brings intense complexity, be it to a dip, marinade, stir fry or salad dressing.

When purchasing fish sauce, look for pale amber colour with no sediments and one packaged in a glass bottle better tasting and longer shelf life than their plastic counterparts. Check the ingredient list.

High quality fish sauce only contains fish and salt and is free from added water, MSG, and preservatives.

The darker the colour, the stronger the potency of the sauce. Store the vigorous elixir in the refrigerator, it will keep for months. However, fish sauce is not reserved for Southeast Asian cooking.

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