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Performance optimization plugins

Performance optimization plugins

Optinization compatibility optimizagion woo-variation-swatches and facebook-for-woocommerce plugins. Better status update handling Added option Performance optimization plugins start checks Peerformance if Cognitive function boosting supplements default WP Cron is disabled in case you use real cronjob Version 5. It's easy to use and has smart tips that help non-technical users to determine which optimizations are right for their site. Deferring resources improves web performance by loading certain elements after the main elements have loaded.

Performance optimization plugins -

My page load times are a bit slow and I don't know what I could adjust in their dashboard that might improve things I should really watch a few YT videos to see if I need to tweak it for my site or not. Un plugin perfecto para mantener al dia mi web.

Support was right on top of it. New version is working great. Thanks for the fast fix. Great plugin. Honestly, the only all-in-one caching plugin that did not break the css or js on my site and require hours of fiddling around to try and figure out where problems were.

This just worked right out of the box after weeks of fiddling around with alternatives. Thank you for a great plugin. Contributors David Anderson ruhanirabin DNutbourne aporter snightingale LumberHack Venkat Raj. Interested in development?

Changelog 3. htaccess file and remaining cron events TWEAK: Smush — Disable server info in smush logs by default TWEAK: Smush — Resolve double log entries when compressing a single image from the media library metabox TWEAK: Prevent unwanted PHP notice upon update 3.

Thanks to Paolo Elia for reporting this. php template TWEAK: Improve Optimization Schedule UI TWEAK: Consolidated error notices by the use of a global WPO notice object. TWEAK: Remove Reset WebP serving method button when there are no webp conversion tools TWEAK: Remove query strings from scripts TWEAK: Add Restrict Content Pro plugin slug to plugin.

json TWEAK: Add option to remove orphaned user meta data upon run optimization TWEAK: Add no-cache headers when minify is enabled and page caching is not TWEAK: Ability to remove. TWEAK: Replaced deprecated use of jQuery.

change 3. php due to file permission issue. TWEAK: Prevent PHP notice from WooCommerce deprecation TWEAK: Create task tables upon activation, if needed. org SVN hooks TWEAK: Add compatibility with Kinsta TWEAK: Added functionality for to convert MyISAM to InnoDB TWEAK: Add filters for minify input string TWEAK: Cache — Added filter to modify cache exception urls TWEAK: Cache — Optimize preload from sitemap TWEAK: Cache — Serve different versions based on cookie consent TWEAK: changed filter to prevent deprecation notice in php 8.

Fix backup modal styling issue. TWEAK: Prevent fatal error in gzip settings when stylesheet could not be fetched TWEAK: Short-circuit trivial case of nothing in the buffer when page-caching, to involve any possible other issues TWEAK: Update comments count after trackbacks and pingbacks deletion TWEAK: Update minified asset when the enqueued scripts and styles version change TWEAK: Use proper constant of includes path in user cache extension TWEAK: Fix path to wpo-plugins-tables-list.

json in robots. txt 3. org Plugin Directory. TWEAK: Delay displaying notices for 2 weeks TWEAK: Improve label of when saving a media type in always purge this TWEAK: Improve query for EWWW IO history TWEAK: Prevent a PHP notice if using WP-Optimize and MetaSlider on the same site.

Useful for subscription websites, and websites where tailored content is offered to logged-in users. FEATURE: Page cache now also caches RSS feeds FEATURE: Ability to exclude files from minify process TWEAK: Prevent PHP warning when deactivating Minify and the cache folder does not exist anymore TWEAK: Premium — Lazy-load — Possibility to disable Lazy load on specific pages TWEAK: Do not enqueue deleted script FIX: Minify — Some pattern CSS import statements broke site FIX: Minify — Events triggering FIX: Google Fonts regression in 3.

txt TWEAK: Bypass minify when editing translations using TranslatePress TWEAK: Purge minify cache from front end TWEAK: Minify — Prevent cache directory creation while disabled TWEAK: Add Google Fonts API version 2 support TWEAK: Minify — Save all tab content settings changes with single Click TWEAK: Improved optimization preview TWEAK: Filter the list of preloaded URLs FEATURE: Premium — Cache — Always purge this page TWEAK: Update seasonal notices TWEAK: Bump WP version requirement to 4.

TWEAK: Prevent deprecation notice on PHP 8. htaccess rules at deactivation TWEAK: Premium — Unused images — Separate unused images and unused image sizes processes TWEAK: Update jQuery document ready style to the one not deprecated in jQuery 3. TWEAK: Fix small UI issues TWEAK: Clean up all cron events when deactivating the plugin TWEAK: Premium — Possibility to set permissions for purging page cache and minify files.

TWEAK: Image compression — Tweak user agent when requesting to resmush. TWEAK: Updater in paid version now will make checks on availability without needing login 3.

php if caching is disabled 3. xml and robots. TWEAK: Cache feature — Added instructions how to edit advanced-cache. php file TWEAK: Detecting Cloudflare and Brotli compression before enabling GZIP 3.

php to the user if it was not writable when enabling cache TWEAK: Image compression — Automatically delete image backups option TWEAK: Image compression — metabox now inherits the settings from the main screen TWEAK: Image compression — Added feature to mark images as already compressed by another tool TWEAK: Image compression — Added detailed log information when image compression fails.

php to handle same-server site moves better TWEAK: Prevent an unwanted PHP notice caused by Action Scheduler purges 3. php; no issues were reported, but analysis indicated a potential way to generate a path that would not agree with what was written by saving settings; and also another way to generate an invalid path on Windows webservers running on non-standard ports.

php 3. Premium FEATURE: Lazy Loading for images, iframes and videos. com TWEAK: Auto-draft, revision posts and pingback comments removing with their meta data TWEAK: Scheduler is not using the WordPress timezone settings TWEAK: Detecting corrupted tables in background.

TWEAK: Unused Images optimization correctly detects images in pages built with popular plugins — Page Builder by SiteOrigin, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, Elementor. TWEAK: Paginate unused images TWEAK: Added checkbox for select all optimizations TWEAK: Prevent deleting homepage images in image optimization TWEAK: Override the default multisite site list fetch limit of sites 2.

TWEAK: Show correct table type for views TWEAK: Fixed string spelling and syntax errors TWEAK: Disabled Simple History logging option if plugin is not installed.

TWEAK: Prevented PHP notices in repair tables functionality 2. Premium FEATURE: Added the ability to optimize multisites.

Premium FEATURE: Allow the user to create arbitrarily complex automatic optimization schedules Premium FEATURE: Added ability to use WP CLI interface for run optimizations.

TWEAK: updated previous optimizations and added optimizations for trash posts, trash comments and orphaned attachments TWEAK: Use higher-quality spinner image TWEAK: Adjusted notices about other products TWEAK: Added message for multisite users with proposal to upgrade to Premium.

A big thank you to Ruhani who remains on-board for his leadership of WP-Optimize until this point! Layout, branding and links have been altered to reflect this change. RE-FACTOR: Internal code completely re-factored, laying the foundations for future improvements TWEAK: Various filters introduced internally for easier customisation TWEAK: Marked form element labels, so that they can be clicked TWEAK: Various small UI improvements more to come in future releases FIX: Previous versions could potentially run OPTIMIZE commands on tables in the same MySQL database if it was shared belonging to other sites FIX: Previous versions were not deleting most delete-able transients.

This is now fixed, with the modification that we now delete all expired transients. LANGUAGES: Removed language packs and screenshots that are already carried by wordpress.

Language files update Various other fixes 1. Language files update 1. You can change this in settings 1. Extra button caused the Auto Scheduler to get into reset mode.

Charles Dee Rice solved the problems that I missed out. Thank you! THANK YOU!! Language updates platform — see readme file for details. Main screen user selection will be saved. Red items selection will not be saved Scheduled time display will be shown according to WordPress blog local time 1.

Main view will not show space saved, or total gain. com 1. Added MYSQL and PHP versions beside the Optimizer tab. Fixed Problems with wpAdmin menubar. Fixed Permission issues on some site.

Upgrade to match WordPress 3. Language files update Now postmeta cleanup is disabled from code — it will be updated soon with native WordPress postmeta cleaning options.

Since I am unable to replicate this problem. I am making this option disabled. Language files update Minor maintenance and fixes. All the potentially dangerous clean up options are MARKED RED. Maintenance 1. New admin interface. Settings to select items for automatic optimization.

Removal of WordPress transient options Removal of orphaned post meta tags. Removal of unused tags. Language files update Code optimization and translation strings updated. Integrated development log from TRAC 1. Always accessible.

Which is good practice in general. Smush is based on the Yahoo Smush. it service which is used to optimize images and remove unnecessary bytes from image files. The idea of lazy loading is that specific elements are only loaded when they are needed.

If your host forces you to use their in-house caching plugin, LazyLoad is a good way to enable this type of feature without causing issues with your hosting. You need benchmark your website speed.

This post is all about showing you WordPress plugins that you use for caching your website, minifying elements of your site and setting up things like lazy loading — all plugins that will speed up the page loading times of your website. Only install what you need and remember that less is more. NitroPack offers the best performance increase and implements optimizations for you including a global CDN.

They have a free plan for small sites. If you want to reduce costs and improve page load times significantly, an effective combo would be WP Rocket and Perfmatters. These optimization plugins will put a lot of functionality at your finger tips — caching , lazy loading, and more.

Using these two plugins I was able to take one of my smaller sites from a page speed score of 59 to 95 on mobile. There are plenty more ways to speed up your WordPress website. Disclosure: Our content is reader-supported. If you click on certain links we may make a commission.

Adam is one of the top 50 content marketers in the world, according to BuzzSumo and Semrush. He has more than a decade of experience in the marketing space and previously managed marketing campaigns for 8 figure brands. Now he's sharing everything he knows to help you turn your passion into profit.

Subscribe to get his best tips. Skip to content Pin. The best WordPress speed optimization plugins TL;DR : For most WordPress websites, I recommend using a combination of WP Rocket and Perfmatters.

Get WP Rocket. Get NitroPack Free. Get Perfmatters. Get WP Fastest Cache Free. Get Cache Enabler Free. Get WP Super Cache Free. Get W3 Total Cache Free. From compression to adaptive resizing, it will make your images load faster, and improve your site speed.

Bloat can be a big problem for your site speed. Unbloater is a comprehensive solution for bloat, letting you take care of a lot of problems that might decrease page load times.

If you run into that issue, you can use OMGF. It just hosts Google Fonts locally: Which can solve the problem. But Autoptimize is also a good choice, and it even gives more options for how to deal with Google Fonts:. WP Smush is a very popular WordPress plugin for image compression.

And we can see why. And it even boasts some advanced options, like backing images up, or stripping EXIF data. Shortpixel is not an all-in-one image optimization solution. It only optimizes and serves smaller images for mobile user visits.

This can be helpful to improve your mobile score. SiteGround Optimizer is a plugin with a lot of history. And it only works for SiteGround sites, which is not the best hosting choice if you want to speed up your WordPress site.

WebP is a format for images, recommended for online use since it loads much faster than. JPG or. This WordPress plugin automatically converts your images to WebP, which can improve your site speed quite a lot. So WebP Converter for Media might not help you, if one of your other plugins already converts your images to WebP.

Widget Disable is not a complicated plugin. It just disables unused widgets. This might come in handy if you developed your site with page builders. But page builders are not friends with speed.

So you might want to look into rebuilding your site with something like GenerateBlocks before investing in a performance plugin. WP Super Minify is a lightweight version of Autoptimize.

But unfortunately, WP Super Minify is much less useful than Autoptimize. However, loading JavaScript asynchronously is a common feature for most WordPress performance plugins. It should be switching to a lighter team, like GeneratePress, and a better builder, like GenerateBlocks.

However, it can have a huge impact on your site performance, especially for render-blocking resources. So if you need to solve that, you can give RapidLoad a shot. But we recommend RankMath , because it will help with your SEO efforts without bloating your site.

WP-Optimize is a great database cleanup plugin. And it also means people will bounce less from your site, interact more, which leads to better SEO. But recently, performance became even more important when Google announced that their Core Web Vitals metrics are a ranking factor.

As long as your tool helps you improve CWV metrics, like CLS Cumulative Layout Shift or FCP First Contentful Paint. So here are the first steps you should take before subscribing to one of the tools we mentioned above:.

We have a comprehensive course on how to pass the Core Web Vitals on your site, which you can check out here.

No, optiization Cognitive function boosting supplements not a typical list where WP Rocket is 1 followed plugisn a bunch of mediocre cache plugins. Some plugins like FlyingPress, LSC, and Performanec include more Performance optimization plugins and pluginx a better Best practices for managing hypertension of Cognitive function boosting supplements updated Pluigns CWV pluginns means less plugins. Many optimizations can pulgins done with code resource hints, disabling Heartbeat, XML-RPC, autosaves, etc. I switched from WP Rocket to FlyingPress and saw an immediate difference when clicking through my site. It has many features not found in most cache plugins listed below and Gijo is usually first to release new features like delaying JavaScript or lazy rendering HTML elements, then WP Rocket follows. I also like supporting an independent developer, but results are always first for me. Check the documentation to learn about different features and how they can better improve core web vitals and browsing speed. Performance optimization plugins will Performmance your SEO, and Optiization down Cognitive function boosting supplements. This is why WordPress performance plugins matter a Nutrition education for sustainable living. A performance plugin intervenes in your WordPress site optimizarion to make them faster, or more efficient. Most commonly, performance plugins optimize your cache, files, images, or database. This way, your site loads faster, your visitors have a better experience, and you can even pass the Core Web Vitals. For example, if you built your site with a lightweight theme like GeneratePressyou might not need too many fixes for your JavaScript files. Performance optimization plugins


WordPress Speed Optimization \u0026 Fewer Plugins

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